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“Anyone who has an obligation to pay taxes also has the right to save taxes.”

Helmut Schmidt

We offer you:

  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Private wealth planning
  • Inheritance tax returns
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Services for private citizens

Income tax returns

Preparing income tax returns can be a major challenge for individuals, especially when there are many different types of income. As a result, many tax opportunities are usually missed.

We focus on the professional preparation of your income tax return with design and savings options. We take the time for your individual advice and accompany you from the submission of your receipts to the review of the tax assessment.

The submission of receipts is increasingly simplified in the course of digitization: For example, we in the tax consultancy Heilgendorff work with “DATEV Meine Steuern”, which gives you the opportunity to forward your tax-related documents to us quickly and easily. In addition, we of course also accept the classic submission of receipts in paper format.

The following services are related to the preparation of your income tax return:

  • We record your extraordinary burdens and costs for household-related services and craftsmen’s services correctly and in their entirety
  • We deduct childcare costs and school fees
  • We record your pension contributions as well as your donations as special expenses
  • We skillfully use your debt interest as well as maintenance expenses, property tax and other advertising costs when renting real estate
  • For your income from non-self-employed work, we advise you on advertising costs (home office, proportionate professional use of the private PC / telephone, debt interest from training periods, further training, union fees, specialist books, etc.)

Private wealth planning and inheritance tax return

The timely handling of the succession safeguards your assets.

We support you in planning your succession and show you the tax consequences and options. We are happy to work with your lawyer / notary. With our help, you can minimize the income tax consequences as well as inheritance and gift taxes.

Should you nevertheless decide to prepare your income tax return yourself, we recommend you use Klartax.