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Engaging in fiscal matters is not only inevitable for companies, but also for individuals. Hence it is even more important that a competent partner knows the right answers. The tax consultancy Heilgendorff reliably leads you through the thickness of Germany’s tax jungle and sees to it that your compulsory taxes do not exceed what is absolutely necessary.

An engaged commitment towards the interests of our clients is therefore a basic requirement. We resolutely defend the concerns of our clients and feel obliged to find the best possible solution for each customer. Instead of using prepared samples, we develop customised solutions, which take into account the specific conditions and peculiarities of each case.

The lack of knowledge towards tax laws, as is well-known, does not relieve from the obligation to pay taxes. The exact knowledge of tax laws, however, makes it possible to lower the tax payments to a minimum. We would appreciate being able to help with our expertise, know-how, engagement and individual commitment.

Solid Allegiance

Heilgendorff assures wide range and full performance

Perfect for all branches

Whatever concern you have – in the end you will look good

Premium Support

Heilgendorff is able to offer support concerning a wide variety of financial questions

We reduce your work load

Enabling you to tend to your priorities

Wide Range of Knowledge

Heilgendorff offers well-grounded wide-ranging knowledge based on regular attendance of further education courses

Establish something wonderful

We provide you with freedom facing the tax office

Endless Options

Heilgendorff ties together your individual service package

Change each variable

Let us tackle it!

Fields of Expertise

Our tax consultancy has specialised in three fields: Tax declaration advice, tax demand advice and framing tax advice. We create annual financial statements and tax declarations for your company, as well as the financial and payroll accounting. For individuals we create annual tax declarations, as well as inheritance and accessions tax declarations. We represent our clients facing financial and administrative authorities, as a rule from tax audits, formal objections and lawsuits before the tax court. We develop company and entrepreneur concepts according to economical, judicial (in collaboration with lawyers) and fiscal aspects, and advise and supervise the implementation of our concepts. This for example encompasses contracts between the company and partners or the composition of cost accounting systems.

Specialist Fields

As an interbranching tax consultancy, we have not specialised in individual economical or commercial sectors. In some sectors, however, we have gathered an exceptional amount of experience over time and know the subject matter very well.

We have worked closely with the following circumstances:

  • Subjects with restricted taxation
  • Intra-community chain supply
  • Fusion
  • Division of corporate entities
  • Conversion
  • Common public interest
  • Branch establishment and subsidiary companies of foreign corporations
We have worked closely with the following occupational groups:

  • International and foreign private companies and corporate entities
  • Subsidiary companies of international company groups
  • Occupational unions
  • Building companies
  • IT and Internet service providers
  • Non-profit corporations
  • Healthcare professions
  • Freelancers
  • Production companies
  • Retail industry
  • Craft
  • Consulting engineers
  • Start-Up companies
  • Online commerce
  • Art commerce
  • Lawyers
  • Pilots
  • Logistics enterprise

Digital Accounting

For more than 10 years we have had experience with digital accounting and have been using DATEV Unternehmen online for the past 4.

Unternehmen online creates individual possibilities of collaboration between you and tax consultancy Heilgendorff using the DATEV cloud – not only for bookkeeping, but also for payroll accounting.

Collaborate with us on your financial accounting! You can access your data and upload bills and receipts anytime and are thereby closer to the proceedings than ever.

These are the possibilities offered by Unternehmen online:

  • A system for the complete commercial process, as well as for the up- and downstream processes of the payroll accounting
  • Original bills, receipts and documents stay at the company – an audit proof electronical archive is available at all times
  • Fast access to significant and sophisticated business and personnel management related evaluations
  • Maintaining a digital cash book
  • Saving costs of postage
  • Rapid exchange and transparency
DATEV Unternehmen Online

Click here for visual help regarding the DATEV software

Why choose us

  • We show dedicated commitment towards the interests of our clients.
  • We resolutely defend the concerns of our customers.
  • We are obliged to find the best solution for each of our clients.
  • Instead of using a set of standard samples, we develop customised solutions.
  • You should always have the feeling of being in safe hands.

What our clients say about us

Within the development of our firm’s course, the tax consultancy Heilgendorff was always, and will still be in the future, a great resource of extensive, penetrating expert knowledge and judicial expertise.
Martin Seibert, //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH
We would not have made it without you! The counselling is precise, succinct and helpful!
K.H., anonymous
You gave us hope in the accomplishment of fiscal matters, in fact since the beginning!
Mario Becker, FairWine Rheingau